I am Science


As Henry J. Tillman once said, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.” 

Growing up, I cannot say that I was born with a passion for the chemical and biological sciences. Under the influences of my family, my father played a key role in introducing the world of science to me as a young child. He studied biochemistry in Shanghai, China and proceeded to obtained his M.D. at a later point in his life. Afterwards, he moved to America to start a family in hopes of living the “American dream.” After coming home from elementary school, he would give me basic lessons on the chemical properties of the body and try to make me understand how intricate we as humans are. Little did I know that those afternoons I spent with my father in the park and the mini-science lessons he gave me would plant a seed of curiosity in me. 

I remember in the 6th grade, he took me to the New York Hall of Science and I found myself completely mesmerized by the exhibit. By then, that seed was slowly growing in me.

That following year I took my interest even further and decided to challenge myself at my school’s science fair. With a little bit of creativity and hard work, I designed a pretty effective solar powered cooker and I made it as a finalist and won second place! I remembered that sweet taste of accomplishment and I was hungry for more. At the time, I could hardly believe my success and this was all the motivation and encouragement I needed to stimulate my interest in the sciences even more. 

I never thought I’d become a biology major but little did I know, I find myself currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomolecular Science at Polytechnic Institute of NYU. The way I see it, understanding the chemical and biological sciences can enable the manipulation of  the essential factors of life. One of the greatest inspirations to pursue my passion for science came as a result of attending this school. I thought I knew all there was to know when I left high school, but I was clearly wrong. I’m constantly surrounded by young scientists passionate about what they study and they inspire me to propel forward in my passions as well. The possibilities are truly endless and it’s only a matter of fulfilling your potential!

Jennifer Sun